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son-of-ottie's gameplay for PlayStation Home (PS3)

son-of-ottie played PlayStation Home

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son-of-ottie said...
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Maybe it's just me but I think because I was a fan of The Sims on PC I really like the laid back "futzing around" atmosphere of HOME sometimes. Avatar clothing, apartment designing and then there's the ACTUAL interaction with SOME of the people who turn up there. (Some are little crapheads trying to act like a 12-year-old thinks adults do when they mac on chicks and so forth, still I have made some cool gamer friends there.)
So I dove into SODIUM this weekend and had a lot of fun! Killed some robo-scorpions, had some drinks and killed some robotic hover baddies.
Sodium has LOTS of potential.
If you're a PS3 owner don't dismiss HOME outright. Go in, have a look and take some time to find something you like....cause, you may not believe it, but I think you will!
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